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create and partyCreate & Party Workshops and Parties are set up to teach a variety of specialised Art, Craft and Cupcake Decorating Workshops in a fun and entertaining environment. We offer a range of workshops from beginners through to advanced crafters. We structure our workshops and teach the latest trends and techniques. Our children’s after-school arts and crafts and create and decorate workshops, painting parties and cupcake decorating parties are really popular with both children aged 4-12yrs. We offer a large range of themes ensuring we have something for everyone! We will enjoy working with you to make sure your child’s birthday is the most special day of their year and provide you and their chosen guests with arty memories to take home. Create & Party workshops and parties are designed to be lots of fun, they are a great way for your child to get in touch with their creative side, have a cool time with their friends even make some new ones! Our Sprinkle & Shake and Create and Sprinkle exciting explorative morning sessions aimed at 6months-4yrs and we offer friendly art and crafts workshops for adults that would like to make new friends and enjoy getting Arty.

New workshops will begin in September click to book your place